Zhuo Keqiang Honored as “An Outstanding Contributor in Volunteer Services of Zhejiang of 2023

  • Release date:2024-03-04  08:52
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  • Several days ago, Zhuo Keqiang, director of Department of Juvenile Affairs of Haiyan County Committee of the Communist Youth League of China won the honor “An Outstanding Contributor in Volunteer Services of Zhejiang of 2023”.

    This year, Zhuo Keqiang is 31 years old. He joined the workforce nine years ago, ever established such volunteer service brands of rule of law as “Mr. Zhuo’s Law Popularization” and “Light of Love” and such volunteer service brands for caring for minors as “Caring for Children” and “Caring for All”. He also won such honors as “Excellent Law Popularization Lecturer of Jiaxing” and “Excellent Volunteer of Jiaxing” and is greatly popular with juveniles. He has worked hard for economic development, important sports events and epidemic prevention for more than 2,000 hours as a volunteer.

    Recalling his volunteer services in large-scale sports events, he told the reporter that what impressed him most was his volunteer service in the “10th World Internet Conference” as a deputy leader of hotels and medical volunteer service groups. He served the preparation for “Our Village Gala” 2023 of Zhejiang Province as a volunteer and a liaison to arrange food, accommodation and travel issues for more than 100 cast and crew members in a high-quality way.”

    “Winning such an honor is an affirmation of my previous work, and will encourage me to move forward. In the future, I will continue to work in response to the requirements of the new era, vigorously promote socialist core values and work hard as comrade Lei Feng of the new era.”

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