Shendang Included into Model Towns of Zhejiang’s Modern Beautiful Towns

  • Release date:2024-02-08  16:08
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  • Not long ago, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang announced the Model Towns of Zhejiang’s Modern Beautiful Towns 2023, and Haiyan’s Shendang Town was shortlisted.

    Shendang Granary Culture Industry Park on the east of Yongqing Road (E) has taken on a new look after two years’ construction, which has remained the original architectural features,  integrated rich cultural elements and attracted various businesses. Now Granary Bookstore and a coffee store has been put into operation.

    With comprehensive development as the target and the whole town as the construction scope, Shendang has sorted out its 15 weak development points, issued five major construction measures, and constructed Shendang Granary Culture Industry Park, Shendang Brewing Culture Travel Zone, Old Benhu Granary and Shendang Cocoon Factory (Phase II) respectively in the old factories, Shendang Brewing Zone, Old Benhu Street, and culture and art zones in recent years.

    Since 2023, Shendang has constructed a modern beautiful town, and “A Culturally Rich City·An Anciently Beautiful Town” as a cultural landmark and continuously amplified the effect of the town famous for the writer Yu Hua’s novels, filling the town with new vitality and modernization. In the future, the town will continue to play the role of Yu Hua’s literature IP, and jointly construct Shendang Brewing Culture Park with Shendang Brewing Co., Ltd.- a 100-year-old distillery and a provincial-level intangible culture heritage. The town will integrate the brewing skills into the restoration and upgrading of commercial zones, tourist routes and tourist reception to build a characteristic tourism industry cluster consisting of a brewing culture exhibition zone and a tourist zone.

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