Haiyan’s Three Villages Honored as Municipal-level Art Villages

  • Release date:2024-02-04  16:59
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  • Several days ago, Municipal-level Art Villages themed by “Pleasant Villages” were made publicized, and Haiyan’s three villages were shortlisted: Beituan-Salt Culture Village ,  Nanbeihu-Comprehensive Art Village, and Yongqing-Folk Culture Village .

    In recent years, Beituan has organized a series of salt culture activities with the theme of “Characteristic Salt Culture, Sci-tech-driven Common Prosperity” and upgraded Salt Culture Exhibition Hall, Red Flag Book House, etc. to better exhibit revolutionary culture and salt culture, benefiting the villagers.

    Based on a long history and unique cultural resources, Nanbeihu has attracted many cultural enterprises and celebrities to settle in such as Cai Qunhui’s culture studio “Ganhu Qinzhou” and Zhou Ruiwen’s “Nanbeihu Creation Base”. In recent years, this village has vigorously developed cultural industries and created such culture spots as “Hidden Cottage” “Lake-Mountain Workshop” “Beilihu Tea Factory” and “Orange Garden Family”.

    Yongqing has developed lots of culture projects such as Yu Hua’s Literature-themed Tour, Intangible Culture Heritage Inheritance-themed Tour, Old Benhu Street-themed Tour, Lawn-based Concert, and the tour themed by “Shaoxing Wine Making Festival of the Start of Winter” to improve local culture and tour brands.

    Constructing municipal-level art villages is to give full play to the unique role of literature and art in rural revitalization and promote rural arts and common prosperity.

    In recent years, the county has worked hard to construct art villages and set cultural development targets for each village, such as protecting and inheriting the Song Dynasty culture in Liuli, Guqin folk culture in Nanbeihu village, folk culture in Yongqing, revolutionary culture in Beituan, community poetry in Yongfu and the kitchen painting in Fengyi with a view to making each village have its own culture brand. Now in Haiyan there are 12 municipal-level art villages under construction.

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