Continuous Efforts Intensified in Haiyan to Publicize the Brand “Accompanying You to Haiyan to Watch the Sunrise”

  • Release date:2024-02-02  16:57
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  • In order to enhance the brand “Accompanying You to Haiyan to Watch the Sunrise” and enhance tourists and citizens’ experience of watching the sunrise in Haiyan, the county has improved supporting facilities to show Haiyan’s sea culture. Several days ago, the urban balcony “Watching Seawalls” in Chihai, and the improvement project of the Sea Garden and relevant supporting facilities have been put into operation, by means of which tourists can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise of the Hangzhou Bay from the best perspective.


    At the north side of “Tide Voice Pavilion”, the urban balcony “Watching Seawall” in Chihai has been constructed. It is a new landmark for watching the sunrise in Haiyan and attracted thousands of visitors to come to watch the sunrise at the beginning of 2024.

    The “Watching Seawall” in Chihai is located in the east of Wuyuan Sub-district from the intersection of Seaside Avenue and Seaside Road to the Hangzhou Bay. Being closely next to Chihai Temple and the Scale-like Seawalls- a national-level culture relic protection site, it is called “Watching Seawall” in Chihai. With three storeys, it stands on the both banks of the Seaside Avenue.

    With a culture exhibition hall, this urban balcony has made the best of local history and culture, where visitors can enjoy splendid cultures of “five ‘1,000-year history’ periods”, 12 beautiful scenic spots of the ancient Haiyan, the story on Huang Guangsheng’s constructing the seawalls. At the balcony tourists can enjoy the sunrise, get to know ancient seawalls and experience local glorious history and culture.

    In the Sea Garden, visitors can watch gorgeous sunrise from three angles. Haiyan has renovated and upgraded the former square at the entrance to the Sea Garden, Haiyun Square, slope sea watching areas and functional areas for all-age groups. Much soil has been carried to raise the Garden, where a large lawn has been constructed to create a natural environment for watching the sunrise. The construction of the urban balcony, the upgrading of the Sea Garden and the supporting construction projects have further improved the infrastructure along Haiyan’s coastal areas, alleviated the instantaneous pressure put on the seawalls due to the people watching the sunrise together, prevented the damages to the cultural relics of the seawalls and ensured visitors’ safety.

    In the future, the county will continue to improve the brand “Accompanying You to Haiyan to Watch the Sunrise”, constantly enrich public cultural supplies, attract new service projects and stimulate the innovation vitality of cultural tourism to make Haiyan’s nights more colorful, citizens happier and the county more charming.

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