Haiyan’s Four Agricultural Entities Honored as Provincial-level High-quality Green Sci-tech Demonstration Bases

  • Release date:2024-02-18  17:00
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  • Several days ago, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang announced the list of high-quality green sci-tech demonstration bases, and Haiyan’s four agricultural entities were enlisted: Errong Family Farm, Gufeng Family Farm, Hehe Family Farm and Zhejiang Jinyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2014, Hehe Family Farm, with an area of 51 hectares, is mainly engaged in rice-soybean rotations and planting wheat. In 2023, the Farm undertook the task of testing soybean’s new varieties Xianshichun and Xianshiqiu arranged by Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Zhejiang and Seed Management Center of Zhejiang to explore the planting mode “spring soybean - autumn soybean - rape - rice”, which has achieved a big soybean harvest in spring.

    Established in 2014, Gufeng Family Farm mainly plants rice and wheat, and breeds crayfish in the paddy fields at the same time. The Farm boasts 16 sets of agricultural machinery and equipment, good supporting facilities and a perfect irrigation system. As a high-tech private enterprise, Zhejiang Jinyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in breeding famous fish and crayfish, such as Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Now it is the largest fish and crayfish breeding base in Jiaxing. In 2022, it won a provincial-level digital fishery honor. Errong Family Farm now has a land of about 89.8 hectares, a rice and crayfish rotation areas of 20.1 hectares and such agricultural machinery as drying equipment, tractors and rice transplanters.

    In recent years, Haiyan has vigorously promoted agricultural sci-tech innovation, developed “green, low-carbon, sci-tech and model agriculture, widely used or exhibited new grain varieties, technologies, machinery and models, made agricultural exchanges with other regions and organized technical training to build high-quality green and sci-tech model agriculture bases and construct them into demonstration platforms, technology supermarkets and “field schools” applying new agricultural sci-tech achievements. Now, the county has built 32 provincial-level high-quality green sci-tech demonstration bases, which provide a good test site and a training site for the promotion and application of new agricultural technologies in Haiyan.

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