Common Prosperity Boosted by Integrated Development of Agriculture, Culture and Tourism in Liuli Village

  • Release date:2024-02-18  16:14
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  • Recently, Jiaxing’s first demonstration sites for the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism were announced, and Haiyan’s Liuli Village of Ganpu Town (Scenic Area of South-north Lake ) was shortlisted.


    In recent years, Liuli has been developing modern agriculture, and rural courtyard-based economy and experiential agriculture such as fruit and vegetable picking and crayfish fishing based on market-oriented operation and rich natural resources to strengthen the village’s self development ability. The village has integrated the art into rural development, made the best of rich artistic sources like famous literary and artistic masters to improve rural cultural quality and build a comprehensive artistic village; and it has developed tourism industry based on the art village construction and revolutionary culture resources like establishing revolutionary culture publicity teams to combine traditional culture and revolutionary culture, and created a characteristic revolutionary culture tour route to build a village famous online.

    In the process of exploring the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, this village has actively developed new rural tourism forms, tapped local ecological, agricultural and cultural resources, promoted the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, created jobs for farmers and increased their incomes to boost common prosperity.

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