The Upgrading of Haiyan’s Nine Pocket Parks Finished

  • Release date:2024-02-15  11:55
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  • Recently, nine pocket parks - Yingdu Haiyun Square, Kangxinju Park, Wenchang Park, Chengbei Park, Haiyun Park, Haitang Park, Qinshan Square, South Gate Square and Pearl Park - have been upgraded and opened to the public.

    In the upgraded Haiyun Park, you can find many citizens play with their children happily every day. As a child-friendly park, it is decorated with sports-themed sculptures and equipped with spinning-top chairs, rocking horses, swings, sandbags, frames for climbing, fitness frames, etc. Since its operation, it is loved by children.

    Being friendly to children shows a city’s kindness. In order to build a child-friendly city, Haiyan has fully taken into consideration children’s physical and mental characteristics and amusement needs and constructed facilities for children in its upgraded pocket parks to enrich children’s entertainment activities, activate their imagination and creativity, and expand their social spaces. The pocket parks at the South Gate Square and Pearl Park have been upgraded to better meet children’s cultural and health needs and guide more children to participate in outdoor activities.

    In order to enable citizens to benefit from national fitness, fitness equipment is fixed and greenways are constructed in Kangxinju Park and Wenchang Park to meet different ages of people’s needs of outdoor sports, fitness, morning and evening exercises.

    Qinshan Square, also known as Moral Square, has been improved, and new landscape walls have been constructed to demonstrate and publicize the deeds of Haiyan’s fifth moral models, and create a harmonious, fair, kind and virtuous social atmosphere.

    Some ancient cultural elements are integrated into the upgraded pocket parks. For example, some billboards at the South Gate Square are decorated with Rolling Lanterns of Haiyan, kitchen range paintings and the pictures of drinking liquor in the early morning, which are all local cultural marks. With the theme of “Seeking Mulberry and Silkworms”, Mulberry Park under operation fully showcases Haiyan’s mulberry and silkworms breeding history and serves as a silkworm culture education base, attracting children’s interest in mulberry and silkworm culture.

    Although it is small in size, the pocket park is a window to show people’s happiness. To construct pocket parks is a project beneficial to the people and an important measure to improve urban quality. Since 2023, the county has finished constructing more than 20 pocket parks. In the days ahead, the county will construct pocket parks into open spaces easily accessible to all age of groups; the county will make the best of urban public green spaces and corners to construct more pocket parks for people’s rest, social communication, sports, fitness and children’s play.

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