Haiyan’s Eighth Representative Projects of Intangible Culture Heritages Announced

  • Release date:2024-02-13  16:09
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  • Several days ago, the “Eighth Representative Projects of Intangible Cultural Heritages of Haiyan” were announced, and 10 projects were shortlisted, including three traditional art projects and seven traditional skill projects.

    Those projects are: Haiyan Pyrography, Leaf Carving, Tongyuan Farmer Painting, Traditional Production Skills for Zhuliang Sauce Duck, Production Skills for Preserved Vegetables with Stewed Pork of Haiyan, Crochet Skills, Traditional Production Skills for Cloth Shoes, Chinese Clothing Production Skills of the Dong’s Family, Shendang Arrack Production Skills and Huangshawu Citrus Planting Skills.

    Of those 10 projects, there are time-honored brands that make your mouth water and  remind you of the past happy moments. Traditional Production Skills for Zhuliang Sauce Duck originated in the late Qing Dynasty, and its inventor Liu Yufu was born in 1888. At the age of eight, he went to work in Dingfeng Sauce Park of Shanghai. During that period, he used the special red soy sauce fermented in the sauce Park, sugar and spices to color the duck, and successfully produced the sauce duck bright in color, crisp outside and tender inside, and was widely welcomed. In his forties, Liu Yufu returned to Haiyan and founded Chengzheng Sauce Workshop to sell thick broad-bean sauce, sauce duck, etc. Shen Zhuliang was the son-in-law of Liu Jiafeng, the son of Liu Yufu. In 1985, Shen Zhuliang opened “Zhuliang Deli”. In his operation practice, Shen Zhuliang summed up the experiences and finally produced delicious the sauce duck, which has got increasingly favorite with locals. In addition, the words “duck” and “marry” in Chinese are homophonic, so locals will choose “Zhuliang Sauce Duck” as a gift when making a proposal. Now giving the sauce duck as gifts during other festivals has become popular such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival.

    Being black and appetizing, the Preserved Vegetable with Stewed Pork of Haiyan is a kind of delicacy made from preserved vegetables together with pork of black pigs in an ancient way. The pork chosen from local black pigs is fresh and tender. In recent years, Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. has protected and bred Black Pig of Jiaxing, and now it has a breeding farm of the Black Pig of Jiaxing, which has ensured the inheritance of the production skills for Preserved Vegetable with Stewed Pork of Haiyan.

    At present, the county has established a comprehensive system for various representative intangible cultural heritage projects at the country, province, city, county and town levels with reasonable structures and rich connotations. In the future, the county will follow the principle “Protection, Rescue, Rational Use, Inheritance and Development”, work hard to protect and inherit representative projects of intangible cultural heritages in an effective and systematic manner, and inherit excellent traditional culture to make new contributions to building Haiyan into a culturally prosperous county of the new era.

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