Haiyan, a Civilized City

  • Release date:2024-01-31  12:28
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  • In recent years, Haiyan has intensified efforts to construct Civilization Practice Center of the New Era to build Haiyan into a higher level of civilized city. Adhering to residents’ needs-oriented development, the county has integrated various resources and taken innovative methods to build the county into a warm home for the people and make civilization practice work of the new era more down-to-earth, dynamic and sustainable.

    Located in Tianxian Lake Park, New Era Civilization Practice Center of Haiyan was opened on June 30, 2023. With a construction area of more than 2,700 square meters, this center consists of six zones:New Civilization Practice, New Platform for Study for Strong China, New Forces of Volunteer Services, New Work Style, New Sci-tech Popularization Experience and New Cultural Education Model.

    To construct civilization bases is the basic guarantee for civilization practice of the new era, and an important platform for serving the people. Walking in Haiyan, you will find different civilization practice bases in parks, squares, enterprises, business circles, and rural culture auditoriums, and those bases serve as the broadcasting stations for the publicity of new ideas and policies and as the service spots for the close contact with the people.

    Also you can find volunteers wearing red vests shuttle in the urban areas to pick up cigarette ends and paper scraps, assist traffic police with traffic guidance and the public with parking... which warms the whole city.

    The description above is a vivid epitome of Haiyan’s civilization practice volunteer service activities of the new era. Haiyan has strengthened overall management and close cooperation, built eight core civilization practice volunteer teams, and the service teams at the level of the county, town (sub-district), village (community) and practice point, and “8+N” service models to make volunteer services available all the time in an accurate way. Based on the Civilization Practice Center of the New Era, the county has made the best use of the platform where people place orders, the Service Center sends the orders and volunteer teams accept the orders, and guided volunteers to provide services for villages and communities. At present, the registered volunteers of the county account for 19.6% of the permanent resident population, and the number of the volunteers tends to grow steadily. They organize various culture and volunteer activities and deliver unique theoretical lectures to attract people to participate in volunteer services.

    In the future, the county will continue to take full advantage of those civilization practice bases of the new era, mobilize more people and integrate all high-quality resources to attract volunteers to serve the people. and the people to enter civilization practice bases to remove the last bottleneck of mobilizing, educating, serving and caring for the people.

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