“Haiyan Experience” Shared in an International Forum

  • Release date:2024-01-03  08:57
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  • “The Third Forum on Advanced Theories and Best Practices of International Public Management” was held in Beijing by School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University. During the period of the Forum, Weng Lie’en, professor of School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology, delivered a report themed by “Local Government Innovation of Zhejiang: History, Experience and Future Development”, which introduced Haiyan’s typical cases on the Party members and people’s entrepreneurship and common prosperity project to the experts and scholars of the world.

    “Innovation” is a key word of the Forum, “Haiyan Experience” could be shared in this international academic forum due to the continuous innovation vitality of Haiyan’s Party members and people’s entrepreneurship and common prosperity project. The Party members and people’s entrepreneurship in Jiaxing first started in Haiyan, and that in Haiyan first started in Shendang. In 2006, Shendang began to mobilize the Party members and enterprises’ Party organizations to establish the county’s first mutual fund for rural Party members through donations. Rural Credit Cooperatives of Haiyan (Now it is called Haiyan Bank of Agriculture and Commerce) provided subsidized loans to try to solve the problems in rural areas such as insufficient entrepreneurship projects, technologies and funds. Since then, little sparks have become a prairie fire. After 17 years of efforts, the county has provided the Party members and people’s entrepreneurship with more than three-billion-yuan loans and five-million-yuan discount interest, helped more than 650 Party members become those playing a leading role in people’s getting rich, attracted more than 14,000 Party members and people to take part in innovation and entrepreneurship and supported 380 key entrepreneurial projects, which created an output value of 1.63 billion yuan.

    The Party members and people’s entrepreneurship and common prosperity project originated from the innovation of primary-level Party organizations, which have both enriched local people, got public services balanced and accessible, created a new work model for rural primary-level Party building in the new era, and made the Party organizations and Party members play a greater role in rural revitalization and common prosperity.

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