Efforts Made in Baibu to Build a Quality Town of Fashionable Life

  • Release date:2024-01-16  10:47
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  • Several days ago, the pilot models of “The System of Industrial Chain Chief ” of Zhejiang’s development zones were announced, and the integrated home decoration industry chain of Economic Development Zone of Baibu (Baibu Town) was included into those models. Since the work about the system of the “industrial chain chief” started, Baibu Town has improved the “industrial chain chief” system, accelerated industrial high-quality development, extended, expanded and strengthened industrial chains and built the whole industry chain development system based on leading enterprises to establish an integrated home decoration industry chain cluster with a long industrial chain, strong industrial interdependence and driving force.

    In recent years, Economic Development Zone of Baibu has optimized service industries, vigorously developed “holiday economy” and “nighttime economy”, attracted investment and famous brands, improved business environment and services, constructed Red Star Fashion Plaza Complex, and developed diversified business forms through supply-side innovation such as new scenarios and new business forms to inject new momentum into the high-quality development of modern communities and achieve early common prosperity.

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