Haiyan’s “Shendang” Included into “Chinese Time-honored Brands” to Be Identified

  • Release date:2024-01-15  10:46
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  • Recently, Ministry of Commerce of China released the list of new Chinese time-honored brands to be identified, including 388 brands. Haiyan’s time-honored brand “Shendang” was included into the list.

    “Shendang” is a brand belonging to Haiyan Shendang Brewing Co., Ltd. As the oldest company of Haiyan and the inheritor of soy sauce making technologies, this company produces Shaoxing Wine, soy sauce and liquor with traditional techniques. According to Chronicles of Shendang Town, Chronicles of Haiyan County and its history, this company formerly was Taixing Sauce Garden founded in 1887, so it has a history of 136 years now. Since its founding, the company has changed its name several times, and so has its ownership and subordination relationship, but its operation has never stopped, and its address has never been changed.

    Benefiting from the profound culture of the ancient town Shendang, the company has been using the century-old brand “Shendang”. During the period of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, “Shendang” soy sauce and its Shaoxing Wine were famous in the county and beyond for their traditional craftsmanship and stable quality, and were deeply loved by the people. After the founding of New China, the quality of Shendang Shaoxing Wine has been at the forefront in Jiaxing, and sold to Shanghai. In order to better protect and enhance this brand, the company registered the “Shendang” trademark for Shaoxing Wine (Category No. 33) and soy sauce (Category 30) respectively in December 2000 and January 2001. Now, the inheritor, also the legal representative of the brand “Shendang” is Wang Shuqing, who is a local of Shendang Town.

    In recent years, this company has worked hard to enhance the value of this brand. Now, “Shendang” is a time-honored name of Zhejiang Province; “Shendang Brewing Workshop” is one of the intangible cultural heritage workshops of Zhejiang; “Shendang Shaoxing Wine Brewing Technology” is a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang, and “Shendang Shaoxing Wine Making, Shendang Soy Sauce Making, Jar Repairing and the Festival for Starting Wine and Soy Sauce on the Beginning of Winter are municipal-level intangible cultural heritages of Jiaxing. “Shendang Shaoxinbg Wine” is also a famous food of the Yangtze River Delta region, a famous intangible cultural heritage tourist product, an excellent new product, a famous and special food of Zhejiang; “Shentang Soy Sauce” serves as a special gift of Jiaxing; and “Shendang Liquor” as Jiaxing’s characteristic gift ever won a gold medal.

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