Haiyan Built into a Model Area of “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains of the New Era”

  • Release date:2024-01-13  10:46
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  • Several days ago, the second list of provincial-level “Model Areas of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains of the New Era” of 2023 was released by Urban and Rural Landscape Improvement Work Group of Zhejiang. Ganpu-Tongyuan River-Mountain Landscape Area was included into this list. To be built into a “Model Area of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains of the New Era” is the highest honor in constructing urban and rural landscape areas in Zhejiang.

    Walking into Chayuan Village, an important part of the Ganpu-Tongyuan River-Mountain Landscape Area, you will find many beautiful operating waterwheels, residences with white walls, black tiles and ancient flavors, and Jinsu Temple with a beating bell, which will remind you of the beautiful painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”.

    Located in the south of Haiyan, the Ganpu-Tongyuan Lake-Mountain Landscape Area covers an area of 51.4 square kilometers, two provincial-level beautiful towns Tongyuan and Ganpu and many provincial-level beautiful villages like Liuli, Chayuan and Zijinshan. The superior ecological environment lays a solid foundation for the construction of the Ganpu-Tongyuan Lake-Mountain Landscape Area, where there are rich ecological resources such as rivers, lakes ports, mountains and Gaoyang Mountain-the highest peak of Jiaxing, and the AAAA Scenic Area of South-north Lake-the only scenic area integrating the scenery of the mountain, sea and lake in China.

    Local profound history and unique culture make the Ganpu-Tongyuan Lake-Mountain Landscape Area more charming. Ganpu and Tongyuan are ancient towns with ports and once were an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. In this Landscape Area, you can experience revolutionary culture, history of the Song Dynasty, salt culture, Buddhist culture, Haiyan Opera and Haiyan Rolling Lantern...

    “Themed by wonderful lake-mountain landscapes and the integration of ancient and modern features, the Ganpu-Tongyuan Lake-Mountain Landscape Area well integrates the lake-mountain scenery, ancient towns and temple, villages, countryside and multicultural resources,” said a chief from Ganpu Town (Scenic Area of South-north Lake). Based on the local good ecological environment, cultural heritages, urban and rural construction, industrial development, and convenient facilities, this Landscape Area focuses on ecological protection, service quality, cultural development and common prosperity to build a panoramic scenery experience chain for people to experience beautiful ecological environment, rewarding rural trips and recreation and splendid cultures.

    In addition, Haiyan has intensified efforts to beautify rivers, lakes and rural environment to improve ecological environment and promote cultural development and common prosperity, and has built a common prosperity tourist route connecting beautiful villages, selenium-rich fields, attractive natural scenery, ancient towns, gorgeous lakes and mountains. The county has comprehensively renovated 29 cultural preservation points, ancient streets, former residences of celebrities, ancient city walls and characteristic buildings, protected many ancients trees, attracted many famous artists, fostered cultural industries, built Cultural and Creative Base of Zhujiamen, promoted the integrated development of towns and villages of this Landscape Area through the development of the Scenic Area of South-north Lake, created a “tourism+” development model to attract new business forms such as B&B, health care and research, and incubated industrial projects and stimulate new vitality of characteristic industries.

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