Consumption Activated in Haiyan during the Holiday for International Workers’ Day

  • Release date:2023-05-04  14:44
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  • During the holiday for the International Workers’ Day this year, tourism and consumption peaked in the scenic spots and business centers of Haiyan. Citizens and tourists had a good time in the fine weather.

    On the second day of the holiday, the tourists from all over the country flocked to the Sea-watching Garden of Haiyan to watch the “romantic sunrise”. Before 5 o’clock in the morning, the Garden was already bustling with the crowd extending hundreds of meters long along the seawall, some enjoying the sea wind, some taking photos, etc. They were looking forward to the splendid sunrise, but the sun seemed to be bashful in face of so many tourists. It hid itself in the clouds for a long time, took its time to rise slowly and gradually and shone brightly at last. On the sea, fishing boats chased shimmering waves in the charming scenery, while on the seawall bathed in the sunrise, tourists were busy taking photos of wonderful moments.

    During the holiday, many citizens went out by themselves or together with their friends for shopping, dining out, watching movies,.. Wuyue Square was also bustling, where many stores were full of consumers, and its footfall and sales were both twice more than usual.

    In this year’s holiday, more than ten new films were released such as “Born to Fly” “Godspeed” “So Many Years” and “GG Bond·Super Race”, which are action films, comedies, romantic films or animations, attracting a large number of audiences.

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