Remarkable Progress Achieved in Haiyan in Enhancing the Brand “Happy and Noble Life of the Elderly”

  • Release date:2023-05-31  16:42
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  • The “Happy Station of Haiyan University of the Elderly”, Ruan Jiaping’s family, and Zhao Ronghua and Hu Yongliang respectively won the honors of provincial-level “Happy Station” “Noble Family of the Elderly” and “Noble Senior Talent” of 2022, according to the news released several days ago by the Bureau of the Retired Officials of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee.

    In recent years, Haiyan county has worked hard to respond to senior comrades’ aspiration for a beautiful life, improve the brand “Happy and Noble Life of the Elderly”, trained a number of “Noble Senior Talent” and “Noble Families of the Elderly” to create a healthy, happy and vigorous environment for the retired, and an environment where the retired are respected, loved and well aided to demonstrate the colorful, active and happy life of the retired.

    As a happy station where the retired can study knowledge, enjoy life and contribute to the society, Haiyan University of the Elderly has provided warm-hearted, quality and characteristic services for the elderly, enable them to share the reform and development achievements, and meet their individual demands through the courses of the “Online University for the Elderly” and public courses and establish various mass organizations, art troupes, etc. to pool the culture resources of the retired.

    For years, Ruan Jiaping’s family have inherited their excellent family tradition, served the society and donated 50,000 yuan to educational development every year. Zhao Ronghua has cared for the development of the hometown, and Hu Yongliang has been committed to the protection and publicity of excellent traditional cultures. All of them have been making contributions to the fields they pay close attention to.

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