“Shendang Shaoxing Wine Making” Identified as a Provincial-level Intangible Culture Workshop

  • Release date:2023-05-23  15:18
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  • Several days ago, the first 87 provincial-level workshops of traditional handicrafts and intangible culture heritages were made public by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang. The workshop of the intangible culture heritages of Shendang Shaoxing Wine Making Co., Ltd., as the only unit of Haiyan, was included into those provincial-level workshops.

    Established in 1887, this company has never stopped its production and operation, so it is Haiyan’s only provincial-level time-honored enterprise of Zhejiang. In the Intangible Culture Heritage Workshop of Shendang Shaoxing Wine Making, which is located in the company, you can see an exhibition hall, a history wall, a wine making workshop, a fermentation site of Shaoxing Wine, a place where soy sauce is exposed to the sun, a cellar for Shaoxing Wine and a former site of Tangxing Sauce Shop. This workshop exhibits the modern value of its traditional products and its four intangible culture heritage projects: the techniques for making Shendang Shaoxing Wine, producing Shendang Soy Sauce and repairing jars and urns and the Festival of Shendang Shaoxing Wine Making.

    In recent years, this workshop has been engaged in the inheritance of intangible culture heritages and the R&D of products, and has accelerated the integrated development of culture and tourism to increase people’s incomes and boost rural revitalization and common prosperity.

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