The First Local Standard Issued in Haiyan for the Construction of National-level Count-based Dispute Mediation Brand

  • Release date:2023-05-19  14:11
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  • Recently, Haiyan County held a Promotion Meeting for Business Dispute Mediation &  Press Conference for the Local Standard of the Dispute Mediation Brand Construction, releasing China’s first local standard for the construction of county-based dispute mediation brand: “Construction and Management Standard for the Dispute Mediation Brand ‘Harmonious Haiyan’”and the commercial dispute mediation logo “It’s a Deal”.

    As the first local standard for the county-based dispute mediation brand construction in China, this Construction and Management Standard normalizes the construction and management of the local dispute mediation standard from the perspectives of basic requirements as well as the planning, building, operation, supervision, publicity and evaluation of the dispute mediation brand. This Construction and Management Standard and the dispute mediation logo “It’s a Deal” match well and serve as a construction standard system of the county-based dispute mediation brand.

    In recent years, Haiyan has adhered to and developed “Fengqiao Experience”, built a regional dispute mediation brand and a social governance community where all are responsible for and actively participate in the dispute mediation and which benefits all people. Measures have been made in Haiyan to give play to the advantages of chambers of commerce in mediating the disputes in the private economy and improve mediation effect to continuously optimize business environment.

    In the future, the county will give full play to the integrated effect of various dispute mediation brands, establish multiple mediation systems and optimize mediation services to enhance the influence of the “Construction and Management Standard for the Dispute Mediation Brand ‘Harmonious Haiyan’”. In the course of mediating commercial disputes, a work mechanism will be established where all the parties concerned cooperate well and relevant resources are able to be shared to duly settle business disputes and make business dispute mediation easier and more convenient to better serve the high-quality development of the private economy.

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