Strong Consumption Activated in Economic Development Zone of Haiyan

  • Release date:2023-05-17  16:54
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  • Not long ago, a signing ceremony for the Intelligent Bay ·Lingyue Business Center was held between Economic Development Zone of Haiyan and Hangzhou Bay Investment and Development Group. The representatives of eight famous brands such Starbucks, Atour, Library Restaurant, Heytea, etc, signed agreements to start their operation when this business center is put into operation.

    With a floor area of 16,398square meters above the ground and a total investment of 148 million yuan, this business center started its construction in July 2021. Consisting of a business plaza, a service center and supporting facilities, it is the first top-end business complex possessing a 7,500-square-meter business plaza in the Economic Development Zone of Haiyan.

    As the main platform of Haiyans industrial economy of Haiyan, this development zone has introduced a number of high-quality projects to upgrade enterprises and residentsconsumption. This business center will become an important landmark for the Development Zone to enhance urban quality, functions and core competitiveness, stimulate urban economic development and serve as a key to improving the business environment of the Development Zone.In the future, the Development Zone will buildthis business centerinto a new benchmarkfor a 15-minute life circle”characteristic of common prosperityand modernization, and a new center integrating industrial and urban development.

    In order to promote enterprisesexchanges and win-win cooperation, the ceremony arranged special signing activities. Young Entrepreneurs Association of Haiyan signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Bay Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., and has located its activity base in this business center. Besides, the Chamber of Commerce of the New District of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Haiyan Branch of Agricultural Bank of Chinasigned commercial and financial cooperation intention agreements with the representatives of thecompaniesthat settledinthis business center.

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