Much Attention Drawn to Haiyan’s Progress in Constructing Digital Law-based Supervision Systems

  • Release date:2023-05-15  16:52
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  • Organized by the Office of the Rule of Law of the CPC Central Committee, the forum themed by “Primary-level Law-based Supervision” kicked off in Inner Mongolia several days ago. The representatives from Haiyan county were invited to deliver a speech with the title “Haiyan’s Striving to Strengthen the Reform of Digital Law-based Supervision System for a Better Business Environment and Common Prosperity”.

    Driven by the digital reform, Haiyan has taken the reform of the supervision system as an important task in recent years to promote the progress in the rule of law and work harder to shore up weak links to build a digital law-based supervision system across the whole county, integrate the law-based supervision system into the social governance system, solve the prominent problems in the field of rule of law and optimize the law-based business environment to achieve positive progress in high-quality development, which has provided a strong legal support for the high-quality development and for the construction of the common prosperity demonstration area and provided a county-based practice example for the construction of Zhejiang of the rule of law.

    In the future, the county will give full play to new digital drivers, strengthen relevant planning and coordination, improve systems and mechanisms, raise work effectiveness, build a safer and a more reasonable, efficient and stable digital law-based supervision system and effectively accelerate the progress in the rule of law; the county will improve supervision measures, systems and operational mechanisms for the law-based supervision in response to the new needs of the rule of law, and achieve the coordination, integration and interaction between law-based supervisions and other forms of supervisions to effectively solve the pressing difficulties and problems that concern the people in the field of the rule of law; the county will establish a more intelligent supervision system, pool more data of the rule of law, realize demand-based, secure, sufficient and real-time sharing of the supervision data of rule of law to improve the supervision efficiency and quality; the county will continue to improve the intelligent, standardized, digitized and scientific evaluation system and get to know well supervisory objects to provide an important reference for leaders’ decision-making and work improvement.

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