A New-type Urban Functional Unit Built in Haiyan to Enhance Residents’ Sense of Happiness

  • Release date:2023-04-06  14:48
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  • Several days ago, Guangming Future Community, one of the sixth batch of the future communities of Zhejiang, started its construction. Focusing on the environment friendly to kids, the elderly and entrepreneurship, this community will provide a brand new future life experience for its residents to strengthen their senses of fulfillment and happiness.

    The future community is a major high-quality development brand that Zhejiang strives to build, a landmark achievement of the construction of the “important window”, and a basic unit for the modern city of common prosperity. In 2022, Guangming was selected as a community to be built into a future community. In the construction of the future community, it will focus on the service needs of the kids, the elderly and the families in need and on people-centered ideas, friendly ecological environment, digitization development quality, harmony, co-governance, low carbon, intelligent sharing and high-quality life. What is more, this community will build a system integrating future neighborhoods, education, health, entrepreneurship, buildings, transportation, low carbon, services and governance to create a new-type urban functional unit to make its residents feel they are the masters of the community where they can enjoy a comfortable life.

    Based on digitization applications, the county will provide all-round intelligent services, transfer more resources on medical treatment, elderly care services and education to communities, integrate various supporting social services, build a digital governance and intelligent service platform, and improve the elderly care service and social governance through “cloud platforms”. Backed up by the Internet of Things and cloud data, the big data on people’s fitness can be recorded once for all and shared in a real-time way.

    It is reported that some scenes of this community will be put into operation by the end of this September.

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