Future Production and Life Scenes Created in Haiyan to Boost Rural Revitalization

  • Release date:2023-04-04  14:51
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  • Recently, three villages of Haiyan were included into the third batch of future villages to be built: Jinxing, Qingliansi, Liuli and Fengyi.

    In recent years, Jinxing has integrated the development of “agriculture, culture and tourism”, and the characteristic farms and the planting bases of seedlings, grapes and dragon fruits have achieved rapid development. Such scenic spots have been constructed as the Zhu Clan Culture Exhibition Hall, Weiding Manor, Spots for 24 Chinese Solar Terms and Pavilion of No.1 Scholar. Based on tourist attractions and the agricultural industrial park in its west, Jinxing has taken a sustainable industrial development road.

    Qingliansi is a traditional agricultural village with two county-level cultural relic protection sites. More than 14 million yuan has been invested to construct a tourist reception center, a folk exhibition hall, a youth hostel, a sightseeing route and a large sea of flowers with about 66,667 square meters, a cultural square and a livestock-themed characteristic square, fully showing the beautiful idyllic environment and profound cultural connotations of the village.

    Located in the central areas of Ganpu Town, Liuli Village is close to the Scenic Area of the South-north Lake. In recent years, this village has introduced many literati to help the development of Zhujiamen, a traditional natural village of Liuli, and build a cultural and innovative base and a spiritual common prosperity center to transform rural beautiful sources into beautiful economy. To date, this village has been honored as “A Traditional Village of China” “ A Taobao Village of China” “A Village of Democracy and the Rule of Law of Zhejiang” and “A Characteristic Village with Beautiful Yards of Zhejiang”. Based on the rising influence of Zhujiamen and the beautiful environment and characteristic agriculture and tourism of Liuli, this village aims to build a terrific rural holiday and tourism destination suitable for living, traveling and business in the Yangtze River Delta.

    Fengyi has intensified efforts to vigorously improve environment and has been built into a distinctive beautiful village based on its characteristic natural scenery. In response to the changes of markets’ needs, the village has upgraded the simple sightseeing-centered mode to the “tourism+” mode that integrates sightseeing and accommodation, and has constructed such characteristic tourism projects as Wooden Residence, Scenic Area of Moon Lake and Herb Garden. Now it has won such honors as “A National Forest Village” “3A Scenic Village of Zhejiang” and “A Beautiful and Habitable Model Village of Zhejiang”. On the basis of its natural landscapes and industries such as its tea, mine pits, Huyang sheep and health resources, this village will improve its quality tourism brand through the development of the B&B industry and tourists’ experiencing tea making to further enhance its rural tourism mode.

    In the future the county will put the people in the center, improve ecological environment and conduct digitized reform, create the future scenes concerning industries, culture, health, neighbourhood, low carbon, transport, wisdom and governance, integrate the construction of “beautiful countryside + digital countryside + common prosperity countryside + humanistic countryside + good-governance countryside” to build rural new communities that lead digital life, present future elements and highlight the charm of the rural areas of the southern lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

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