13 More People Identified as Municipal Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritages

  • Release date:2023-04-18  15:49
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  • Several days ago, 13 people of Haiyan were included into the inheritors’ list of the fifth batch of the municipal representative projects of the intangible cultural heritages, according to the list released by Culture, Broadcasting, Television and Tourism Bureau of Jiaxing several days ago. Those projects ranged from folk literature to traditional dancing, dramas, skills, Chinese folk art forms, medicines and folk customs.

    Those 13 people are Huang Jiangen, Liang Qian, Lv Lianming, Pang Weihua, Sun Xueliang, Wang Shuqing, Xu Leiming, Xu Yueming, Xuan Bogen, Yin Zhenqun, Yu Jianping, Zhao Yinnan and Zhu Jinfei. They are respectively identified as the inheritors of vats and urns’ repairing, Haiyan Opera, Xuanjuan (a Chinese traditional art integrating speaking, laughing, performance, singing and role-playing), Shaoxing Wine making, Emperor Qinshihuang Fair, Shaoxing Wine Making Festival of the Start of Winter, lvyunsan making (Lvyunsan is a traditional Chinese medicine), guqin making (guqin is a traditional Chinese musical instrument), the Legend of the Qian Clan of Haiyan, straw products weaving and Rolling Lanterns of Haiyan.

    In recent years the county has attached importance to the training of the representative inheritors of the intangible cultural heritages, encouraged them to serve as the representative inheritors, strengthened their professional ability and sustainable growth ability and implemented the training plan to enhance the protection of the intangible cultural heritages.

    To date, the systems have been established for the national, provincial, municipal, county-level and town-level lists of the representative intangible cultural heritages in Haiyan. Now there is one national, eight provincial, 49 municipal, 84 county-level and 72 town-level intangible heritage projects, 11 provincial, 48 municipal and 83 county-level representative inheritors of the intangible cultural heritages.

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