This Year’s First 1,000-member Tour Group Attracted to Qiyuan Garden

  • Release date:2023-03-08  15:55
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  • Recently, Qiyuan Garden Scenic Area received the first 1,000-member tour group this year, indicating the further recovery of Haiyan’s tourism market. Like a beautiful and colorful picture, Qiyaun Garden looks more charming and graceful with orchids, camellias, plum blossom etc., in full bloom.


    Organized by a Shanghai-based travel agency, this tourist group members came from such districts of Shanghai as Songjiang, Jiading and Qingpu. It was not the first time for most of them to travel to Haiyan. To this end, Jingtou, a company of Wuyuan Sub-district, made full preparation. For example, it arranged a series of culture, literature, tea tasting, music, handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage research activities popular with tourists in the Garden, striving to build the Garden into a desirable and unforgettable destination once they visit it. 1,000 tourists entered the Garden in several teams not at the same time to ensure tour quality.

    In the days ahead, the county will hold tourism promotion meetings in neighboring provinces and cities to further promote the exchanges and cooperation of regional multicultural tourism, sports and in-depth researches on Zhang Yuanji, Zhang Leping and other famous persons of Haiyan based on the South-north Lake Cultural Tourism Festival, the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Fair, etc. to improve such culture, festival and tourism brands as “Romantic Sunrise”, “Bicycle Race of the Yangtze River Delta”, “South-north Lake Marathon”, etc.

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