Urban and Rural Common Prosperity Propelled in Haiyan by the High-quality Construction of the National Pilot Zone

  • Release date:2023-03-31  14:47
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  • In 2022, Haiyan intensified efforts to balance medical resources, strengthen medical reforms and optimize medical services to improve the medical service management so that the county ranked the first in the “Main Community-based Health Development Indexes” announced by the Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China.

    In recent years, the county has attracted high-quality medical resources, boosted the cooperation with famous hospitals of the Yangtze River Delta, established 14 workshops of famous doctors and 21 specialist clinics and extended telemedicine to communities to make people enjoy high-quality medical services nearby. In 2022, 90.02% patients of Haiyan received medical treatment in local hospitals and 68.18% of patients went to local community-based hospitals first to see doctors when they got ill.

    Based on People’s Hospital of Haiyan and Hospital of TCM of Haiyan, a medical community made up of medical organizations of each town and village has been established in Haiyan. The recruitment, training and management of the medical personnel of the whole county were organized unitedly by the county, and the medical resources concerning registrations, major medical examinations and hospital beds were shared equally by all the people of the county. Besides, the county has built a “1+2+9” health brain system, a county-level health information platform, a public health data center based on e-health files, a medical data center based on e-medical records and nine medical resource sharing centers such as the regional temporary medical examination center, telemedicine center and prevention and treatment center of chronic diseases, making the basic medical treatment data and urban and rural public health data be shared.

    The county used to focus more attention on the medical treatment but less on the disease prevention and more attention on the prevention and treatment of a special chronic disease but less on the prevention of various diseases, but now the county has intensified more efforts in the preventive treatment of diseases and the prevention of minor diseases from becoming serious ones to provide comprehensive medical treatment and medical care services for the people.

    As the first pilot region of Zhejiang to provide the elderly with special health services, the county has established a health assessment and health function maintenance mechanism for the elderly and the first “Intelligent Analysis Engine of the Health Assessment and Health Function Maintenance for the Elderly”, improved the health services for the patients contracting chronic diseases, integrated the diagnosis and treatment of the hypertension and diabetes into public health services to enhance medical service efficiency, conducted health screening for all the people of the county, standardized the physical examination items and frequencies and implemented the free “1+X” physical examination mode to serve urban and rural residents.

    In the days ahead, the county will take the opportunity of building Haiyan into a national community-based pilot health zone to further strengthen community-based medical services, enrich the contents of family doctors’ services, build Haiyan into a good example for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and diabetes, provide better health services for the elderly and explore new community-based health service modes to make people benefit more from new-type health services.

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