A Historic and Cultural Block Being Constructed in Haiyan

  • Release date:2023-03-27  15:30
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  • Several days ago, Wuyuan Sub-district (Urban Construction and Investment Group) of Haiyan held an investment attraction campaign for the Historic and Cultural Block of Beida Street and some cooperation agreements concerning hotels, bookstores, retails of art toys, eateries, etc., were signed. Such brands have signed agreements to settle in the Beida Street as Powerlong Art Center, Blossom Hill Hotels & Resorts, Jihe Bookstore, Grandma’s Home, Starbucks, Pang Gelia, McDonald's, Leadershow, Qinglian Food, JA Canvas, Huawei/Apple, Felice, Eagle Studio, Popobar, Greentown Yuhua School, Chagee, Yamaha Piano, Pingsister Hotpot, Mini Yeah, Creeper Coffee, Chaoshan Beef Hotpot, Hangyue Seefood and Linownow.

    The Beida Street used to be Haiyan’s business and trade center and now the projects for its improvement are constructed along the river and has taken on a unique look for its typical characteristics of rivers and lakes. With an area of 62,736 square meters, a construction area of 58,000 square meters and a total investment of 550 million yuan, this historic and cultural block is designed to attract hotels, bookstores, immersive theaters, retail shops for art toys, etc., to settle to make it combine history and modern development, show dynamic and static feathers and attract people to come here for both travelling and shopping.

    Stressing people-centered ideas, cultural connotations and meticulous designs, the Beida Street will provide consumers with a more comfortable business environment, accelerate the attraction of high-quality business brands concerning the art toys, sharing of social contacts, cultural experiences and immersive arts, and strive to be built into Haiyan’s most charming business card and into a center with profound cultural connotations and a strong hustle and bustle atmosphere to achieve both economic and social benefits.

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