Ganpu Honored as an Exemplary Town for Its Integrated Development with Natural Reserves of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2023-03-21  15:59
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  • The towns and villages’ integrated development with natural reserves are an important window to display the achievements of ecological improvement and construction of beautiful China, meet people’s wish for a beautiful ecological environment, fine ecological products and high-quality ecological services. Several days ago, Forestry Bureau of Zhejiang Province released the second list of “Exemplary Towns (Villages) for Their Integrated Development with Natural Reserves of Zhejiang” and Ganpu Town (South-north Lake Scenic Area) was included into this list.

    Integrated efforts made in Ganpu to lay a firm foundation for green development.

    South-north Lake Scenic Area now has ushered in the tourism peak in the warm sunshine of winter. Tourists climb mountains, row boats, ride bicycles, enjoy the beautiful lake to have a good time in this scenic area.

    In recent years, this scenic area has given priority to ecological protection, made use of unique ecological advantages and landscape resources under the premise of the protection of natural reserves, taken various targeted measures to build the optimal ecological environment adaptable to the future development and characteristic of harmonious relationships between people and nature to promote the integrated development of natural reserves and Ganpu Town (South-north Lake Scenic Area). The scenic area has planted grasses, trees and flowers, set up protection signs and stone tablets for ancient and famous trees and put all ancient and famous trees under protection. In order to ensure the water quality of the Lake, traditional fishes such as black carps, grass carps and chubs are bred to enhance the ecological environment of the Lake. Till now the water quality of the Lake has been up to the standard of Grade II water and has been identified as one of the “Beautiful Rivers and Lakes” of Zhejiang for the seventh consecutive year.

    In recent years, Ganpu has improved the infrastructure of this scenic area in an all-round way, and meanwhile developed town-based and village-based industries. The Town has made full use of 666.7 hectares of reclamation areas and constructed South-north Lake-based sci-tech innovation region to lay a good foundation for the incubation, layout and operation of high-quality industries like digital economy, biotechnology (life and health) and intelligent manufacturing, and integrated cultural and tourism service industries to create a new industrial platform with more than 666.7 hectares of land and an annual output value of 100 billion yuan.

    At the same time, this town has actively constructed an ecological coastal belt and implemented the action plan of constructing the Greater Garden of Picturesque Zhejian to build itself into the best tourist destination with the characteristic of the southern region of the Yangtze River Delta in China and the first destination integrating the scenery of the mountain, sea and lake in the Hangzhou Bay Area so that tourists can enjoy beautiful scenes, experience cultural innovation, make ecological researches and take holidays. With the operation of its Beilihu Wetland and Jingshanli Night Market and the improvement of Egret Island and Butterfly Island, ancient Ganpu has taken on a new look and attracted a series of service projects to settle like high-end hotels.

    This town has focused its work on the management of the South-north Lake Scenic Area and protection of natural environment in a modern way, attracted tourists to come here for sightseeing, fruits picking and experiencing agricultural production, deepened the integration of agriculture and tourism, accelerated the construction of modern communities, taken integrated reform measures to increase farmers’ incomes and explored the way of developing high-efficiency ecological characteristic industries mainly based on the planting of fruits, vegetables, flowers and seedlings. At present, the area and annual output value of fruits and vegetables planting total more than nearly 1,727 hectares and 300 million yuan respectively. With developed agriculture, beautiful rural areas and rich farmers, Ganpu has made its locals live a richer, happier and safer life.

    For remarkable progress in the coming years, this town will  continue to intensify efforts to construct the South-north Lake Scenic Area, Huangshawu Reclamation Area and urban areas of Ganpu Town to build a modern future city that well integrates industrial and urban development, and sci-tech, agricultural and cultural innovation, and is habitable and suitable for tours and starting new businesses.

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