Haiyan’s Two Common Prosperity Workshops Identified as Typical Cases of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2023-03-16  15:57
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  • Recently, the First List of “Top 100 Typical Examples of E-commerce Live-streaming Workshops for Common Prosperity of Zhejiang” was released by the Commerce Department of Zhejiang, and Haiyan’s two workshops, Yinlinghui and Shengli Farm were included into the list.

    Located in “168· Entrepreneurship Park” of Wuyuan, Yinlinghui Workshop was established in 2017. After five years’ development, it has established the “Wanwei Street” platform online and a 20,000-square-meter offline cluster area made up of “one garden and two zones”. Now, it has incubated more than 320 enterprises, created 812 jobs and provided vocational skill training for 7,500 people to drive rural economic development.

    Located in Yucheng Town, Shengli Farm Workshop was established in November 2021. By establishing the e-commerce Party Branch, it gives play to the leading role of the Party building to help low-income farmers start new businesses and find jobs, and has settled such problems as the idle workforce and limited sales channels of local agricultural and sideline products.

    In recent years, Haiyan’s Bureau of Commerce, E-commerce Association, Public Service Center for E-commerce have spared no effort to construct e-commerce live-streaming workshops for common prosperity, explore new modes to help farmers, agriculture and rural development, facilitate online consumption and boost rural economy. At present, there are nine e-commerce live-streaming workshops for common prosperity in Haiyan.

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