“Family Doctor Service Spots” Wildly Built in Haiyan to Improve Medical Service System

  • Release date:2023-03-14  15:56
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  • “Family Doctor Service Spots” will be widely constructed in all villages (communities) of Haiyan to create a family doctor-based medical and healthy service system.

    Several days ago, the newly established “Family Doctor Service Spot” was put into operation in Qianshuiwan, a community of Wuyuan Sub-district, attracting quite a few residents to come to consult doctors and collect medicines. Family doctors provide medicine and health consultations for local residents, and some doctors from the People’s Hospital of Haiyan County have been invited to come to provide free medical treatment for residents.

    As the first family doctor service spot of the county, this one in Qianshuiwan provides diagnoses and medical treatment, various drugs for chronic diseases and the insurance cards-based payment service for local residents, and door-to-door medical services and rehabilitation and nursing services for the elderly, the disabled and those with dementia.

    Based on community health service centers and their resources, the county will intensify efforts in the coming days to improve family doctor service spots, expand and enhance service modes to protect residents’ health and offer more convenient medical services.

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