A Hangzhou Bay Sunrise Watching Platform to Be Constructed at the End of This Month

  • Release date:2023-03-10  15:55
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  • Haiyan will construct Qianque Gallery---a platform to watch the sunrise of the Hangzhou Bay in the east urban areas of Haiyan. It will be able to receive 6,000 people a day to enjoy the fantastic sunrise after it is put into operation. A number of supporting facilities will be constructed or provided as well like service centers, parking lots, dinning cars, etc. to create a better tour environment.

    With an area of about 6,500 square meters, this gallery starts from the intersection of the Seaside Avenue and Seaside Road in the west, across the Baiyang River and to the Hangzhou Bay in the east. It possesses five entrances and exits on the both sides of the Seaside Avenue and embankment, and a three-storey viewing platform with the top storey being 14.3 meters high.

    In addition, a service center with restrooms, reading rooms and other service facilities will be built along the seawall at the intersection of the Chengbei Road and Wengjiabu-Jinshan Road. With the view of facilitating tourists’ parking, five new parking lots will be built and two old ones will be expanded around the Qianque Gallery so that 349 new parking spaces will be added, and the total parking space will jump to 564.

    In recent years, “To watch the Sunrise in Haiyan” has been well popular all over the regions of the Yangtze River Delta, and the tourists to the Scale-like Seawall have totaled 300,000. In the future, the county will further improve the supporting facilities to enhance the brand of “To Watch the Sunrise in Haiyan”.

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