High-quality Development Accelerated in Haiyan by Digitization Reform

  • Release date:2023-02-28  09:42
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  • In 2022, Haiyan resolutely implemented the provincial and municipal deployment of digitization reform and worked hard on the digitization reform in key tasks, and remarkable and rapid progress was achieved in digitization reform in many aspects by establishing special work teams and apps and making careful and overall planning.

    In 2022, 11 apps of Haiyan were included into “Major Reforms (Major Apps) S2 of Zhejiang”; “The Future Industrial Community” was included into “Innovation Made in One Region but Shared by the Rest of Zhejiang” S0; “Whole-area Digital Legal Supervision” as Zhejiang’s only county-level pilot reform was included into Zhejiang’s major reform project “Building a Strict Legal Supervision System” ... At present, the county is solving problems through digitization reforms and improving development efficiency to give full play to the reform’s leading role in boosting local high-quality development.

    “Digital and Intelligent TCM” is a digitization reform project innovated and launched by Haiyan to improve people’s health, ease the shortage of doctors and medicines and prevent the traditional Chinese medicines getting mouldy in primary medical institutions so that about 600 kinds (according to the national standard, 300 kinds are enough) of traditional Chinese medicines can be provided for the TCM doctors of the whole county to make prescriptions and the people of villages (communities) to enjoy high-quality traditional Chinese medicine services. The “Digital and Intelligent TCM” is an epitome of the successful practice of Haiyan’s digitization reform in people’s livelihood. Since 2022, the county has deepened the industrial digitization-based upgrading, taken the opportunity of building a pilot county of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in subdivided industries of Zhejiang and started the digital transformation of the fastener industry. In 2022, two industrial Internet platform enterprises and two service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises were upgraded to provincial level; “Digital and Intelligent Qinglian” Future Factory was identified as the best app, and won a bronze medal of the “Reform Breakthrough Award of Zhejiang 2022”.

    The digitization reform has enhanced the efficiency of governments’ work. Since its online operation in January 2022, the app “Law Inspector” has effectively promoted the coordinated control of legal risks and safety risks, the integrated development of the digitization reform and rule-of-law reforms, and reduced the rate of losing administrative lawsuits and correcting administrative reconsideration errors in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Based on the request of digitizing power, keeping the mark of exercising power, making early warning of abnormal situations and integrating supervision resources, the “Big Data Supervision of Power in Development Zone Platform” has set up 42 early warning models for power operation in such fields as investment attraction, project construction and land acquisition to put power execution under whole-process supervision through real-time recording, analyses and disposals. A rising number of digitization reforms have been implemented, greatly accelerating the transformation of governments’ functions and enhancing public services.

    In recent two years, Haiyan has facilitated people’s livelihood and laid a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy by means of building various kinds of digital apps.

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