“Our Rural Spring Festival Gala” of Zhejiang 2023 Held in Haiyan

  • Release date:2023-02-15  09:41
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  • Recently, “Our Rural Spring Festival Gala” of the Rural Auditorium of Zhejiang 2023 was held in Yongqing Village Cultural Auditorium of Shendang, Jiaxing City.


    15 art programmes like dances, folk songs, sketches, Shaoxing Operas were performed by the cultural auditoriums of Zhejiang at the Spring Festival Gala, fully showing Zhejiang’s customs and describing Zhejiang’s vivid stories in rural revitalization. Nearly 1,000 audiences enjoyed this rural sprig festival gala, a grand cultural feast.

    At the Gala, the intangible cultural heritage project “Boat-based Boxing” performed by the art team of Jiaxing’s Zhulin Village Culture Auditorium excited the audience; the dance “Happy Shanha” performed by the team of Jingning’s Dajun Village Culture Auditorium demonstrated its villagers’ hard work and rich and beautiful life; the sketch “Orange Gets Red” performed by Taizhou’s Qiaotouwang Village Cultural Auditorium told the story of local people’s living a wealth life though taking a green development road and producing agricultural and sideline products... Composed, directed and performed by the villagers themselves, these programmes demonstrated not only farmers’ confidence and self-improvement of Zhejiang, but also the new achievements in the construction of rural cultural auditoriums. On the spot of the Gala interactive activities were also organized such as guessing lantern riddles, making the audience increasingly jubilant and boisterous.

    Haiyan’s Yongqing Village of Shendang, the place where the Gala was held, also prepared a programme with local characteristics - “Talking about Haiyan” (performed with many groups of  “three and a half sentences”) . “Shendang’s Shaoxing Wine is a local celebrity; I’m thirsty for it every day...” The lines were catchy, easily understandable and strongly characteristic of local excellent tradition, soon making the performance climax. “Those lines talk about our Shaoxing Wine, scale-like seawalls, Ganpu’s mutton, Sanmao, making the people of the other regions of Zhejiang know well and like Haiyan,” said Chen Zhiwei, a performer. All the performers of this programme were locals. They were all excited for it was their first time to participate in such performances, and they were extremely proud of the development achievements of their hometown, said he.

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