Haiyan’s Manufacturing Industry Driven by Digital Technologies

  • Release date:2023-12-06  09:20
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  • Industrial Internet plays an important role in facilitating enterprises’ digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing, and has become a powerful strengthen for the high-quality development of industrial economy. In recent years, Haiyan has focused on the key points of the integration of manufacturing industry and the Internet, actively cultivated new business forms to achieve digital, intelligent and Internet-based upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and vigorously built industrial Internet platforms.

    Several days ago, Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang issued the list of industrial Internet platforms to be built into provincial-level ones, and Haiyan’s “Industrial Internet Platform of Chuangneng Whole-home Heating Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Industrial Internet Platform of Youpon Ceiling Network for Coordinated Manufacturing” were included into the list. Up to now, in the county there are 11 provincial-level Internet platforms ( platforms being created), the most in Jiaxing.

    Industrial Internet platforms are established to closely connect and integrate industrial designs, production lines, suppliers, products and customers and promote industrial development with data. To this end, Haiyan has introduced favorable policies on promoting digital and green development of manufacturing industry to give awards and financial supports to enterprises to upgrade their hardware and fully stimulate their enthusiasm for digital transformation.

    It is the enterprises that are main forces for digital upgrading in addition to favorable policies. In Haiyan, many leading enterprises in an industry have taken the initiative to embrace industrial Internet and accelerate digital transformation and industrial upgrading.

    In the intelligent warehouse of Zhejiang Youbang Integrated Ceiling Co., Ltd., located in Economic Development Zone of Baibu (Baibu Town), you can find logistics vehicles one after another loading products to send them to customers. This company is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of integrated ceilings and household products to provide consumers with ceiling-wall integrated solutions. The brand “Youpon” has been honored as “Well-known Business of Zhejiang” and its products as “Famous-brand Products of Zhejiang”. From 2020 to 2022, its market share ranked first in the integrated ceiling industry. With its development and growth, this company needs to improve its internal efficiency.

    In recent years, Youpon has invested more than 40 million yuan in the construction of the intelligent warehousing system. After intelligent transformation, this system can send the goods to customers more rapidly and its operation data can be seen on the screen. Now digital applications can be seen in every workshop of the company. In the intelligent storage zone, large robotic arms and transmission systems work in an orderly manner for goods’ automatic storage and delivery.

    The Industrial Internet changes the manufacturing process and helps companies establish better connections with customers.

    Located in Yucheng Town, Zhejiang Chuangneng New Energy Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and sales of central water heaters, central heating and cooling equipment, air energy water heater, intelligent instruments and other energy-saving products. In order to better serve business partners and end-users, the company has independently developed “Industrial Internet Platform of Chuangneng Whole-home Heating Intelligent Manufacturing”. The company has intelligently upgraded traditional water heaters by adding the intelligent IOT edge data acquisition motherboard independently developed by the company to realize real-time intelligent monitoring, and remote alarm and maintenance through this Internet platform.

    Moreover, the intelligent transformation can also help the company better manage internal projects, ensure that the filing, bidding and contracts’ signing and execution are done in an orderly manner, search various statistical reports and make analyses of the projects so as to continuously optimize the company’s internal management.

    In the future, Haiyan will further issue relevant favorable policies for digital transformation to accelerate the construction of the industrial Internet, and Internet platforms mainly in the fields of fasteners and smart homes, and pool platform’s innovation, manufacturing and service resources for sharing to create industrial Internet benchmarks. By 2025, the county will build 15 model enterprises of industrial Internet platforms.

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