Haiyan Included into Top 100 Counties in Investment Competitiveness

  • Release date:2023-12-04  09:18
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  • Recently, CCID Consulting County Economy Research Center released “Research Report of 2023 China Ranking of Investment Competitiveness of Top 100 Counties” and “Top 100 Counties in Investment Competitiveness (2023)”, and Haiyan ranked 65th among 1,864 counties and county-level cities.

    “Top 100 Counties in Investment Competitiveness (2023)” was released based on the comprehensive evaluation of service efficiency, investment vitality, element attraction, facilities and friendly ecological environment of 1,864 county-level administrative areas including 394 county-level cities, 1,301 counties, 117 autonomous counties, 49 qis (qi is like a county in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and 3 autonomous qis) in China (Note: the counties of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the districts under prefecture-level cities and municipalities directly under the Central Government, special economic zones and forest zones were not evaluated.)

    Since the beginning of this year, Haiyan has focused on implementation, achieved high-quality progress in three competitions, three breakthroughs and improvement in three aspects, made “effective investment competitions”, intensified efforts in investment, projects and development, implemented the “100-day” investment attraction action, strengthened top leaders’ responsibilities in investment attraction to attract investment and projects and achieve the rapid growth of effective investment.

    The first-class business environment is the best “Chinese parasol tree” to attract investment, and the strongest competitiveness of a city. Since the beginning of this year, Haiyan has intensified efforts in innovation, reform and opening-up, issued “Implementation Proposals on Vigorously Promoting Reform and Accelerating Efforts to Build Haiyan into an Innovation City of the Yangtze River Delta Reform” and “Plan for Implementing ‘No. 1 Reform Project’ to Optimize Haiyan’s Business Environment”, and established relevant special groups, improved the working contact mechanism, promoted the major reform projects concerning common prosperity and enhanced the effectiveness of digital reforms to promote expansive and intensive reforms.

    In recent years, Haiyan has paid close attention to building a strong county in intelligent manufacturing and innovation, deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, kept in mind the idea that innovation is the first driving force, strengthened services, actively guided enterprises to increase R&D investment, and encouraged the enterprises that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products to enhance innovation and commercialize innovation results and take a road of helping the enterprises ( that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products) achieve high-quality development through sci-tech innovation.

    Since the beginning of this year, the county has simultaneously attracted and established high-end industrial innovation platforms based on comprehensively upgrading existing innovation platforms to give play to innovation platforms’ roles in pushing industrial development; the county has started the construction of the Sci-tech Innovation Lake District of South-north Lake; the growth of industrial enterprises’ R&D expenses has taken the lead in Jiaxing, and the proportion between enterprises’ R&D expenses and operation revenues ranked first in Jiaxing; the county has planned and implemented such landmark projects as Sci-tech Lake District of South-north Lake, the Future City of South-north Lake and CBD of Gaotie New City; the county has obtained 300 million yuan used for the national marine ecological protection and restoration project from the state revenue.

    Since the beginning of this year, the number of new “Little Giants” identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reached five; the provincial-level enterprises that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products have totaled 56; the number of of provincial-level “hidden championships”, the enterprises that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products, and small and medium-sized innovation enterprises have all ranked first in Jiaxing.

    Investment competitiveness contains a city’s development potential; and an ideal city in investment and business development is bound to be the leader in the cities’ ranking. Haiyan’s new round of economic growth is promising.

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