Haiyan’s Two More Provincial-level Digital Agricultural Factories Identified

  • Release date:2023-12-30  16:48
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  • Recently, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang issued a notice identifying 140 units as digital agricultural factories (bases) of 2023 and 13 future farms of 2023. Haiyan’s two factories were included into them: One was Digital Agricultural Factory of Ronghe Vegetable of Jiaxing Ronghe Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. and the other, Digital Agricultural Factory of Jiajiale Grape of Jiajiale Farm in Wuyuan.

    Jiaxing Ronghe Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2020. With 19 sci-tech agricultural greenhouses and supporting facilities and a planting area of six hectares, it mainly produces small tomatoes, netted melons and organic vegetables. Through the IOT agriculture technology platform, the company makes a real-time monitoring, management and operation of the farm, and an integrated control of greenhouses’ temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, water and fertilizer to make seedlings, growth, harvesting, packaging and transportation traceable.

    Strongly supported by digital technologies, the company has cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University in exploring the use of organic fertilizers produced by the fermenting of soybean milk, eggs and microorganisms and using automatic drip irrigation facilities for fertilization. In each greenhouse, plants’ growth parameters are set, and workers can adjust fans and sunshade nets through their phones or tablet computers. After its establishment, the company was ever identified as “AAA Base for Tourism and Fruits Picking of Zhejiang”, “Modern Agricultural Science Popularization Base” and “Science Popularization Education Base of Jiaxing”.

    Established in 2017, Jiajiale Farm mainly grows grapes such as Sunshine Rose Grape and Romantic Hongyan Grape. It digitizes the management of grape vines and clusters, applies fertilizers scientifically, standardizes production and pests’ prevention, enlarges planting scales, uses modern facilities, enhances products’ brand and quality and strictly manages agricultural inputs.

    The advanced digital greenhouses of the farm has been equipped with three-dimensional planting structures, intelligent water-fertilizer integrated machines, IOT automatic temperature control systems, etc. Workers can achieve fine management of a two-hectare grape base with their smartphones or computers. This year, the farm has constructed a refrigeration house of 864 square meters, further lengthening grapes’ sales time and increasing economic benefits.

    In 2023, Jiajiale Farm was rated as one of the first provincial-level model family-based farms of common prosperity, and its Sunshine Rose Grape won a gold medal in the competition of fine grapes of Zhejiang.

    In recent years, based on its agricultural characteristic and advantageous industries, the county has improved its digital agricultural bases, integrated digital technologies such as intelligent perception and intelligent control technologies into agricultural production, and promoted industrial development with digital technologies. In advantageous industries like raising pigs, breeding crayfish in rice fields and planting fruits, smart agriculture and agricultural digital technologies have been continuously improved. Now in Haiyan there are five provincial-level digital agricultural factories (bases) and one future farm.

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