Haiyan Included into “Top 100 Counties” of China

  • Release date:2023-12-26  11:50
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  • Recently, Zhongjun Institute--a national county-cased economic research and consulting think tank and social organization released the “Monitoring and Evaluation Report on County-based Economy and Development 2023” (hereinafter referred to as the Report), announced “top 100 counties” of county-based economic and social comprehensive development (“top 100 counties” in comprehensive development) and “top 100 counties” of county-based economic basic competitiveness (“top 100 counties” in competitiveness). Haiyan ranked 42nd and 70th respectively in those two “top 100 counties”.

    Zhongjun Research Institute is the first independent social research institute, mainly studies and serves regional economy and characteristic economy such as county-based economy and the economy of prefecture-level cities, and is known as “the first county-based economy research institute of China”.

    After the county-based economic development enters the new era of the basic modernization, the comprehensive competitiveness of a county will replace single economic competitiveness. A county’s innovation, employment, income, public service, green development, safety and people’s satisfaction will become the preferential theme of a county’s economy and development in the new era in addition to economic scale and economic growth speed. In this year’s county-based economy and development monitoring and evaluation, such basic indicators as a county’s economic total amount, average value, quality, growth speed and vitality are used to evaluate a county’s economy competitiveness of the “top 100 counties” (“top 100 counties in economy”).

    In the Report, Haiyan’s many indicators are grade A and above. In the “top 100 counties” in comprehensive development this year, Haiyan’s comprehensive index, vitality index and advantage index all reach Grade A; in the “top 100 counties” in competitiveness, Haiyan’s relative debt index is Grade A, investment growth rate is Grade A+, and consumption growth rate and people’s relative prosperity index both reach A++.

    Haiyan’s entrance to those two “top 100 counties” is inseparable from local continuous improvement of economic and social development. Since the beginning of this year, Haiyan has focused on “implementation”, competed in three aspects, made breakthroughs in three aspects and strengthened improvement in three aspects. The county has attracted a number of high-quality projects such as Novartis-a global leader in nuclear drugs, and the second industrial park of Danfoss -an international industry leader. The Isotope Industrial Park, a large and eye-attracting project, now is under rapid and steady construction.

    Enterprises are the vigorous source of social and economic development. For a long time, the county has worked hard to foster enterprises and strengthen private economy. This year, five enterprises were identified by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as the “little giants” that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products and 56 enterprises were identified by Zhejiang as provincial-level middle and small enterprises that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products. The number of provincial-level “invisible champions” and provincial-level middle and small enterprises that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products remain the first in Jiaxing.

    People’s well-being is the foundation of people’s happiness. Ensuring and improving people’s well-being has always been Haiyan’s key work. This year, the county has upgraded six urban roads, improved nine pocket parks, and put into operation Beidajie History and Culture District, Culture and Art Center of Haiyan and Tianxian Lake Park, built four provincial-level future villages, five harmonious and beautiful characteristic villages, and 19 harmonious and beautiful standardized villages. Haiyan’s Tongyuan-qinshan Landscape Area as a common prosperity model has been built into a provincial-level urban and rural model landscape area, Beidang Community into a leading provincial-level future community, and Haiyan’s rural living environment continues to take the lead in Jiaxing.

    At present, Haiyan is working hard for a better business environment, strong scientific and technological innovation and efficient construction of major transportation projects to further enhance economic strength and competitiveness and achieve high-quality economic and social development.

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