Efforts Intensified in Haiyan to Improve the Education for the Elderly

  • Release date:2023-12-25  16:48
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  • In recent years, Haiyan has endeavored to develop the education for the elderly. Through integrating education resources, offering various courses and attracting the education resources for the elderly to flow to communities and villages, the county has provided the elderly with more abundant, high-quality and convenient educational resources to meet their multi-dimensional needs, ensure their study and recreation and continuously improve their senses of fulfillment and happiness.

    Now there are many elderly students studying in Haiyan University for the Elderly, and their life is colorful and wonderful. Established in 1994, this university aims to enrich the knowledge, improve character and health of the elderly, serve society, bring knowledge to the elderly, make them happy and give play to their roles. The University is open to the elderly of the whole county. In accordance with the needs of the elderly, the University has constantly expanded its courses, for example, it now offers new courses like English, cooking, handicrafts, etc. favorite with the elderly. In this autumn, the number of the classes of this university totaled 74 with the elderly reaching 1,709.

    In recent years, the county has continued to integrate education resources to improve the education for the elderly. Now, this university (Haiyan Activity Center for the Elderly) located in Wuyuan is under construction, and more than 60 classrooms, functional rooms and service rooms will be put into use to meet the needs of the elderly. In December 2022, the county released the town and village-level schools for the elderly, and now in Haiyan there are three county-level universities for the elderly, 10 town-level (sub-district-level) schools for the elderly and 121 village (community)-level schools for the elderly, which makes the elderly study at the schools for the elderly near their homes to meet their ever-growing intellectual and cultural needs.

    While building town-level and village-level model schools for the elderly, the county has given play to the role of the education alliance for the elderly, strengthened the research and guidance of the education for the elderly and improved teaching quality and service quality of the schools for the elderly. Since the beginning of this year, the county has provided such services as “Interactive Mailbox” “Order-based Teaching” and “Order-based Courses”, enhanced the interaction and communication between the elderly and schools and offered more suitable courses to meet the needs of the elderly through the “Open Day of Campus”, principal’s mailboxes and trial classes for the elderly. Moreover, with the help of digital technologies, the online education platform “Cloud Classroom” has been established to enable the elderly to study anytime.

    Today, the teachers responsible for the education for the elderly have totaled 173. In the future, the county will continue to strengthen the training of the teachers responsible for the education for the elderly, explore how to integrate cultural development into the education for the elderly, continuously build new education bases for the elderly, inspire high-quality education resources for the elderly to flow to villages and communities to create a “15-minute high-quality education circle for the elderly”.

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