Yao Liqun Honored as the “Most Influential Kindergarten Teacher of Zhejiang”

  • Release date:2023-12-20  16:27
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  • Several days ago, the list of the “Most Influential Kindergarten Teachers of Zhejiang” was released, and Yao Qunli from Haiyan’s Wanlu Kindergarten made the list.

    Yao Qunli is secretary of the Party branch, principal and a senior teacher of Wanlu Kindergarten. She is also the winner of “Spring Silkworm Award” of Zhejiang. In the past years, she was honored as a special-grade teacher of Zhejiang, an advanced worker in teaching and scientific research of Zhejiang, a leading education expert of Jiaxing, a teaching model of Jiaxing, a candidate of elites of Jiaxing, one of the first Top 10 Women of Haiyan and one of Top Ten Principals of Haiyan.

    Having worked for preschool education for more than 30 years, she has always been in love with education and every child and improved children’s psychological and social ability. In the daily teaching, she observes children’s behavior to find their psychological problems earlier and communicate with and guide parents to make early treatment of those problems. Her research results in this respect won the first teaching and scientific research prize of Zhejiang.

    Meanwhile she guides teachers to develop suitable localized courses, optimizes “one-day activity” researches, and has opened her child care and education course to different levels of kindergartens of Zhejiang and Jiaxing for nearly 50 times, contributing much to the balanced and high-quality development of provincial and municipal preschool education.

    As a member of the teacher group for family education of Jiaxing, she pays special attention to the joint efforts of families and kindergartens. Every year, she gives lectures to the parents of all levels of kindergartens’ children, participates in the “urban and rural family education tour” to publicize scientific concept, change parents’ idea that kindergarten education is elementary education, alleviate their anxiety, and improve education environment.

    Wanlu Kindergarten has been honored as a provincial-level innovation and practice base for family education , and a provincial-level and municipal-level model school for parents.

    To improve education is a long way. For years, she has never stopped her efforts. She has guided many kindergartens to improve their levels and create provincial-level modern schools by establishing online studios of famous teachers of Zhejiang.

    In addition, she has supported teachers to work in Xinjiang to help its education, and she herself has been to Xinjiang, and to some Zhejiang’s regions like Longyou, Pan’an and Taizhou to support their education, established a teaching workshop in Shaya, Xinjiang, and a poverty alleviation relationship with Pingshan, Sichuan, contributing a lot to local education equity and high-quality development.

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