Haiyan’s Specialties Attend Zhejiang Agriculture Fair

  • Release date:2023-12-20  16:27
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  • During December 7 and 11, Zhejiang Agriculture Fair 2023 opened at Hangzhou International Exhibition Center. Haiyan’s five agricultural entities attended the Fair and their main agricultural and sideline products were deeply favorite with the visitors to the Fair. “Shendang Shaoxing Wine” and “Golden Douli Grape” both won the gold medal of the Fair; and “Roasted Meat with Preserved Vegetable of Meal Boss” and “Nanjie Grape” both won the quality award.

    Those four kinds of products are respectively from Haiyan Shendang Brewing Co., Ltd., Haiyan Golden Douli Farm, Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. and Jiahai Farm.

    The five entities attending the Fair were Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhulaoda Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanhao Food Co., Ltd., Shendang Brewing Co., Ltd. and Jindouli Farm. In the exhibition area for agricultural brands, Qinglian Food’s brands “Meal Boss” and “Taihu Black Pigs” were exhibited, and so were a series of its products ever supplied to the Asian Games Hangzhou such as the pork and pork products of the pigs feeding on natural grain, attracting many visitors. Its fresh pork products were popular as well, and its pork-stuffed zongzi, steamed buns and dumplings were greatly favored by visitors.

    Since 2020, Qinglian Food has upgraded its digital industry chain and built 18 “smart pastures” across the country to create a 10-billion-yuan industrial chain supported by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies. Its pastures can realize intelligent environmental control, precise feeding, remote monitoring, automatic manure cleaning, air purification and unattended operation. Now it can raise more than one million pigs a year and every 3 workers can raise 10,000 pigs. At this fair, Qinglian Food demonstrated its digital farming system as well which can monitor the temperature of pigs’ houses, piglets’ temperature and activities.

    Additionally, such agricultural products attended the Fair as the pork-stuffed and yolk and pork-stuffed zongzi from Zhejiang Zhulaoda Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., dehydrated vegetables and hand-made rice cakes and Chinese rice wine from Zhejiang Wanhao Food Co., Ltd., Shendang Shaoxing Wine and soy sauce from Shendang Brewing Co.Ltd., and Sunshine Rose Grape and Taiqiu Sweet Persimmons from Jindou Li Farm.

    In recent years, the county has expanded the production and sales of its specialties and created a number of nationally famous agricultural brands to promote the high-quality development of Haiyan Rice, Haiyan Lobster, Haiyan Grape and Black Pigs of Jiaxing. “To develop rural characteristic industries can increase peoples’ incomes and revitalize rural industries. We will further strengthen leading enterprises, improve industrial chains, enrich business forms and enhance agricultural brands to strengthen more rural specialties and increase people’s incomes,” said an official from Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Haiyan.

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