Centralized Heating Realized in Elderly Care Service Center of Haiyan

  • Release date:2023-12-16  17:08
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  • As winter comes, it gets colder. But for the elderly living in Zhongda Langyi Elderly Care Service Center of Haiyan, the winter is particularly warm. With the beginning of nuclear energy heating this winter, this center has become the first elderly care institution realizing centralized heating in Zhejiang.

    Walking into the multi-purpose room of this center, you are welcomed by a strong warm current which comes from the two heating radiators of the room. In order to make the elderly here spend a warm winter, the county has upgraded this center by adding nuclear energy heating facilities to all its rooms.

    As to the heating effect, nuclear energy heating makes the temperature of each room suitable, which is especially beneficial to the elderly suffering from cardiovascular diseases, rheumatics and joint diseases, according to Zhang Yu, the assistant of the general manager if this center.

    The first phase of Haiyan’s nuclear energy heating model project was put into operation at the end of 2021, which is the first nuclear energy heating project in the southern regions of China and supplies heat to about 4,000 residents in three living quarters. From this year, this elderly service center begins to receive nuclear energy heating.

    In order to stabilize nuclear energy heating, Zhejiang Zero Carbon Heat Co., Ltd. Has begun to adjust temperatures for trial operation, repair and maintain heating pipelines, make daily inspections, etc. since November 15. The nuclear energy heating will last until next March.

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