Haiyan’s Pig Paradise Identified as Science Popularization and Education Base of Agricultural Technical Association of China

  • Release date:2023-12-14  17:03
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  • Not long ago, the List of Science Popularization and Education Bases of Agricultural Technical Association of China 2023-2027 was released, and Jiaxing Pig Paradise Co., Ltd. located in Haiyan was included in the List.

    Jiaxing Pig Paradise Co., Ltd. (Pig Planet) is a cultural and creative paradise themed by pig culture and founded by Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd in 2017. It is a paradise where children can enjoy cute pigs’ performances and other amusements; visitors can enjoy delicacies and shopping, and science popularization and education are held regularly. It is also an innovation platform for the deep integration of three industries. In recent years, the Pig Planet has integrated advanced technologies represented by big data and Internet into agriculture, vigorously developed online marketing, e-commerce, and experience-based economy. Based on farming culture, it has set up traditional folk festivals such as “World Famous Pig Culture Festival” and “Food Festival”, created a fashion business model “agriculture + cultural tourism + new retail”, endowed the pig industry with economic, social, cultural and ecological functions, further enriched the black pig farming industry chain, and enhanced its brand value.

    The Science Popularization and Education Base of Agricultural Technical Association of China is identified after being recommended by provincial-level agricultural technology associations, assessed and made public in accordance with “Measures for the Establishment and Identification of Science Popularization Education Bases of Rural Professional Technical Association of China” “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Popularization of Science and Technology” and “Outline of National Scientific Quality Action Plan (2021-2035)”. All levels of agricultural technical associations across the country can apply for this base.

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