Haiyan’s Five More Family-based Farms Identified as Municipal-level Models

  • Release date:2023-12-12  17:03
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  • Several days ago, Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiaxing released the List of New Municipal-level Model Family-based Farms 2023, and Haiyan’s five farms were included into the List: Jiajiale, Jianli, Dongjiayanqiao, Handa and Mingsheng.

    The crops grown on these farms range from rice, wheat and grapes to pears, and some farms breed crayfish in the paddy fields; their transferred land has ranged from 2.87 hectares to 80 hectares; and their operating incomes each have totaled more than two million yuan.

    Additionally, there are six municipal-level farmers’ professional model cooperatives having passed monitoring: Wanhao Vegetables, Bazi Grapes, Chunyuan Grapes, Huizhong Fruits, Xitangqiao Fruits and Qinwan Aloes. It is said that passing monitoring means passing reassessments.

    In recent years, Haiyan has taken the establishment of provincial, municipal and county-level model family-based farms as an important task, effectively strengthened agricultural organizations, improved agricultural production capacity and farmers’ incomes and guided family-based farms to obtain rapid and healthy development, achieving remarkable results. Now in Haiyan there are 35 provincial-level, 52 municipal-level and 112 county-level model family-based farms. In the days ahead, the county will continue to improve family-based farms’ quality, establish relevant systems and strengthen integrated development to enhance family-based farms’ economic power, development vitality and driving forces and build them into the leaders of rural revitalization.

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