A National-level Special Award Presented to Haiyan’s APP “Digital and Intelligent TCM”

  • Release date:2023-12-12  17:02
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  • Hosed by National Health Commission and organized by Health Commission of Zhejiang and the Statistics Information Center of the National Health Commission, the First National Digital Health Innovation Application Competition & the Final of Medical Artificial Intelligence Theme Competition closed in Hangzhou several days ago. Haiyan’s APP “Digital and Intelligent TCM” won a special prize, the most important prize of TCM projects.

    Themed by “Intelligence, Health, and Future”, this competition aims to develop medical artificial intelligence applications (products) with advanced technology, wide applicability and high popularization value, and explore medical artificial intelligence’s innovation in technologies, scenarios and models. The Final is evaluated comprehensively from each project’s market demands and results, innovation, popularization degree and on-site performances.

    The APP “Digital and Intelligent TCM” is an innovative digital health service application developed by Haiyan to promote TCM’s intelligent development. In order to make it convenient for people to see TCM doctors, excellent doctors and rest assured to use traditional Chinese medicines, the county took the lead in China in getting TCM resources available to primary-level hospitals, medical apps intelligent and medical services integrated to benefit people, reduce medical insurance burdens and promote hospitals’ development.

    Through digital supervisions, this App has further standardized doctors’ diagnosis and treatment, realized integrated TCM services, standardized TCM diagnosis and treatment management, broken pharmacies’ existing interest chain and service chain, replaced primary-level medical institutions’ TCM pharmacies with the TCM pharmacy center shared by the whole county, normalized the centralized procurement, review, use and storage of traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms. Now nearly 600 kinds traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms are simultaneously available to the TCM doctors of the county, far exceeding 300 kinds stipulated by the state. The county has made the work on medical treatment, medicines and medical insurance be promoted each other and their resources be shared. In addition, this app innovated the TCM inheritance mechanism by replacing apprentices’ studying TCM from their fathers or masters with artificial intelligence, effectively promoting TCM’s innovation and inheritance.

    After the operation of this app, the TCM services have got available to all the primary-level medical organizations, and TCM diagnosis and treatment have realized “one-stop” services. Till now, smart TCM prescriptions have totaled more than 800,000, and the people benefiting TCM services have increased more than 20% over the same period of the previous year, and the people who are satisfied with TCM services have increased from 78.7% to 91.3%. What is more, the diagnosis and treatment ability of primary-level TCM institutions’ doctors has been strengthened; all TCM prescriptions have passed intelligent examinations, and the people seeing TCM doctors have increased by 150%.

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