Qinglian’s Pork Products Taken to the Antarctic with Scientific Expedition Vessel “Snow Dragon”for the 15thConsecutive Year

  • Release date:2023-12-01  14:51
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  • China’s Antarctic scientific expedition team set out at the Shanghai-based domestic dock of China’s Antarctic Expedition to make a five-month scientific expedition in the Antarctic. It is China’s 40th scientific expedition in the Antarctic. The pork of Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. is a kind of products the scientific expedition team members take with them for their daily consumption in the expedition.


    In face of extreme Antarctic environment, the team members must ensure their adequate meat intake. Just a week ago, Meal Boss, a famous black pork brand under Qinglian Food completed supplying pork products to China’s Antarctic scientific expedition team. The products of Meal Boss once again followed the scientific expedition vessel “Snow Dragon”and “Snow Dragon No. 2”to reach the Antarctic to provide pork products for Chinese scientists in their scientific expedition. This is the 24thtime for the Meal Boss pork to “participate”in Antarctic scientific expedition within recent 15 years.

    In 2007, the Meal Boss pock was taken to the Antarctic with “Snow Dragon”for the first time to serve Chinese scientists with safe, high-quality and delicious pork products. In 2018, a “polar ice sausage”independently developed by the Meal Boss was chosen by Chinese scientific expedition team. It is a nitrite-free “hometown sausage”for the scientists and experts working in the Antarctic.

    Today, a wider range of Meal Boss pork products have “boarded”the “Snow Dragon”and “Snow Dragon 2”. This year, the expedition team ordered a lot of pork products related to the Asian Games Hangzhou such as the ice sausage, grilled sausage, big red sausage, breakfast sausage, lunch meat and ham in addition to frozen raw materials. About 50 types of pork products have been supplied to the Chinese scientific expedition team to meet their demand for high-quality pork.

    It is known that the Meal Boss was founded in 2003, since which, its parent company Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. has invested two billion yuan in building a pig industry chain, overcome the core germplasm problem of China’s local pigs, digitalized the whole industry chain of pigs and constructed 18 smart farms able to raise one million high-quality pigs every year in the future.

    Actually, Qinglian Food has had rich experiences in supplying pork to international events such as World Expo, G20 Summit, World Table Tennis Championships, International Marathon, etc., and has supplied pork to the World Internet Conference for the eighth consecutive year. In 2023 it served as an official supplier of the Asian Games Hangzhou.

    The pork products of its two major brands Meal Boss and Taihuhei have passed more than 60 safety tests and now have become identity labels for every piece of high-quality pork.

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