Haiyan’s Two Villages Identified as E-commerce Village of Agricultural Products of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2023-11-20  15:44
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  • Recently, the list of E-Commerce Villages of Agricultural Products of Zhejiang was released by Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Department of Commerce, Radio and Television Group of Zhejiang, and 87 villages were identified as provincial-level e-commerce villages of agricultural products. Jiaxing’s nine villages were put into this list, including Haiyan’s Chucheng Village and Yongfu Community.

    With a registered population of more than 2,900 and an area of 5.75 square kilometers, Goucheng has actively developed its characteristic “sweet, fresh and fragrant” industries represented by grape planting and soft-shelled turtles breeding. Now its areas used for grape planting reach 37.667 hectares and those for soft-shelled turtle breeding 55.5 hectares. The village has established a live streaming Common Prosperity Workshop of Victory Farm and an innovative business model “company + farms + farmers + e-commerce”, turned the surplus labor force into a new driving force to increase incomes and guide farmers to benefit the e-commerce live stream. In 2023, there are 35 households and more than 100 villagers engaged in online sales, and the online sales of agricultural products like grapes and soft-shelled turtles have exceeded 12 million yuan.

    With an area of 3.5 square kilometers, Yongfu Community has a total population of more than 2,200. In the village there are about 50 households now engaged in the paddy fields-based crayfish breeding, grapes, flowers and mushrooms planting and beekeeping, with a planting and breeding area of more than 133 hectares. In 2019, more than six million yuan was invested in constructing Agricultural Entrepreneurship Park of Yongfu Community, which is an agricultural entrepreneurship incubation platform that integrates ecologically friendly agriculture, smart agriculture and creative agriculture and is strongly supported by industrial development, technological innovation, top-end scholars and experts and Internet. At present, this park has attracted seven college graduates to start their businesses here. In addition to traditional sales methods such as wholesale, those graduates guide farmers to sell agricultural products through Wechat, online stores, live streaming, etc. In 2023, the online shops of Yongfu have totaled 52, and their online retail sales of agricultural products have exceeded 11 million yuan.

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