Jangheung County

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  • A profile of Jangheung County

    With an area of 617.97 square kilometers, a population of 46,000, ten towns, and 295 administrative villages, Jangheung is located in Jeollanam-do which is twinned with Zhejiang Province. As a coastal city and an important grain production base, Jangheungenjoys rich tourism resources, so ithas become one of the best tourist resorts of the country.

    Friendly exchanges between Haiyan and Jangheung

    The exchanges between Hayan and Jangheung started with education cooperation in 2003 and now have intended to other fields. Approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Haiyan became twinned with Jangheungin March 2006.Since the start of the friendly exchanges between the two sides, seven groups of 56 people from Haiyan havebeen dispatched to Jangheung for official visits, and six groups of 87 people from Jangheung to Haiyan for the same purpose. The two sides have conducted a series of friendly exchanges in government affairs, culture, education, etc. Qinshan Adult Culture School of Haiyan has started the friendly cooperation Daedeok Comprehensive High School of Jangheung.

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