Haiyan’s Two Blocks Identified as “High-quality Demonstration Block” and “Beautiful Demonstration Street” of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2023-01-25  15:49
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  • Several days ago, Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang released the lists of “High-quality Demonstration Blocks” and “Beautiful Demonstration Streets” of Zhejiang of 2022. Haiyan’s “Qiyuan Garden-Seaside Block” and “Baichi Road (between Haixing Road and Zaoyuan Road)” were included into those two lists respectively.

    The “High-quality Demonstration Block” is located in the central urban areas of the county and covers an area of 1.09 square kilometers. With the characteristics of an ancient county, a water town and a costal city, this block is an ideal center with restaurants, hotels, places of interest, important transport facilities, entertainment clubs and shopping malls such as Qiyuan Garden, Scale-like Seawall, Qiyuan Business Street, Jinghai Gate and Baiyanghe Wetland Park. Baichi Road is a major road of the urban areas and also a major road to and from the urban areas of Haiyan. Along this road there are famous residential quarters such as Yijiahuacheng and Wenqujiayuan, and entertainment centers such as Sanmao Paradise and Youth Palace of Haiyan, which strongly support the construction of the Baichi Road into a provincial Beautiful Demonstration Street.

    In recent years, the county has made specific plans to improve urban appearances, keep environmental tidy and clean, maintain public facilities, parks and gardens and enhance the environment of rivers to achieve high-quality development and create a clean, tidy and culturally advanced urban environment. In addition, the efforts have also been made to build a smart county and improve urban delicacy management with the help of AI, big data, etc.

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