“Digital and Intelligent TCM” Established in Haiyan to Facilitate TCM Services

  • Release date:2023-01-23  15:51
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  • Several days ago, the second list of the best practice project of high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone was released by the Office of the Leadership Group of High-quality Development and Construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone of Zhejiang. Haiyan’s project “Providing TCM Services for the People based on ‘Digital and Intelligent TCM ’” is identified as one of “Sharing Quality Projects of Public Services”.

    The “Digital and Intelligent TCM” is a digital reform project to promote people’s fitness and health. In order to make people see expert TCM doctors and use TCM, the county has intensified efforts to digitize TCM development, promote the “Digital and Intelligent TCM”, provide TCM services for the people and settle people’s problem in their seeing TCM doctors and using TCM, train TCM doctors and supervise TCM. In recent years, the county has made different systems to support the “Digital and Intelligent TCM”, improved service networks, established a county-town-village TCM service system and TCM clinics (corners) in each community-based health service center or station of the whole county, fixed those centers or stations with standard medical equipment, made the TCM services of all villages and communities up to the same standard, built Chinese and western medical integration-based diagnosis and treatment centers for specific diseases such as digestive system diseases and neoplastic diseases. Through digital reforms, lots of quality TCM resources have flowed to community and village-based clinics. The diseases cured in community and village-based clinics achieved a 147% increase from 2018 to 2021.

    In order to make the “Digital and Intelligent TCM” more effective, the county has closed down all community (village)-based TCM pharmacies and established a “Sharing Pharmacy” to regulate the purchase, use and storage of traditional Chinese medicines, and about 600 kinds traditional Chinese medicines can be prescribed by all TCM doctors of the county. An  “Intelligent Cloud System” has been established to use AI and big data technologies to help junior TCM doctors, especially western medicine doctors, to write out high-quality prescriptions. The TCM prescriptions written out by western medicine doctors in 2021 were 12,000 more than those in 2020. “Cloud Platform for Assessing Prescriptions” has been put into operation to standardize and regularly assess the prescriptions of TCM decoction pieces so that their percent of pass has risen to 92% from 65%.

    Haiyan has taken the lead in Zhejiang in establishing county-based “Contents of Using TCM Decoction Pieces of Internet Hospitals”, prepared and normalized 137 TCM diagnosis and treatment projects and 94 technologies suitable to TCM, established the “cockpits” of the big data of TCM, issued the first county-based big data of the TCM of China to analyze the inherent laws of the diseases happening in a county such as when and where the disease happens and what its symptoms are, guided the construction of TCM clinics and now four municipal community(village)-based TCM clinics have been constructed, made full use of local characteristic TCM resources like “Doctor Feng’s Clinic for Treatment of Bone Fracture” to make innovation in inheriting the TCM with the help of “Digital and Intelligent TCM”. Now the TCM services have been available to 43% of the community (village)-based medical organizations, and community (village) doctors have written out over 600,000 prescriptions with the help of intelligent systems.

    Since its operation, the “Digital and Intelligent TCM” has made the TCM services available to all communities and villages, benefited over 1.1 million people, reduced the price of each TCM decoction piece to 28.88 yuan from 33.87 yuan, delivered TCM decoction pieces free of charge to the patients by express after their return visits to the doctor, standardized the TCM treatment and the management of TCM decoction pieces, integrated TCM services and settled the difficulties in training communities and villages’ TCM doctors and supervising TCM. At present, over 50 counties (county-level cities and districts) nationwide have learned from Haiyan in terms of TCM services.

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