Strong Chinese New Year Atmosphere Created in Haiyan’s Rural Cultural Halls

  • Release date:2023-01-19  15:49
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  • With the approaching of the Chinese New Year, the festival atmosphere in Haiyan tends to be gradually strong. In order to further enrich people’s life and promote common prosperity, 58 wonderful Chinese New Year galas will be organized in the cultural halls of the villages (communities) of the county to provide everyone with a great “cultural dinner” with local characteristics.


    Rural cultural halls are farmers’ spiritual and cultural homes. At the end of 2016, Haiyan took the lead in Jiaxing in building at least one cultural hall in each village. In 2022, the county made various measures themed by “joint rural and urban efforts in common prosperity” to enrich the connotations of rural cultural halls and make innovations in operating and upgrading them to promote common prosperity. In the days ahead, the cultural halls will organize cultural activities regularly for the public to participate in, diversify activity systems and issue measures to improve, manage and use those cultural halls to make their doors regularly open, and activities new and attractive to the people.

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