Parks Constructed in Haiyan to Build Beautiful Residential Environment

  • Release date:2022-09-09  10:32
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  • Parks are important open spaces of the city to show natural beauty and ecological value. With the rapid urbanization, citizens are looking forward to possessing more green spaces around them so that they can enjoy green environment when they are free. In recent years, the county has taken targeted measures to further optimize the structure of urban green spaces and create more urban public spaces with a serene and green environment.

    At 6 p.m. every day, it is cool in Menghu Park in summer. Countless citizens come here for walks, talks, photos, sports, fitness.... crowded people make summer nights happier and vigorous.

    Today, more and more pocket parks have been constructed near citizens’ homes and become their favorites. Before Wuyue Gongguan (a living quarter), Wuyue Park is located between bustling downtown areas and calm residential areas. The park is exquisite with a clear river and lake, where some citizens like to jog along the green ways down the river and along the lake and some take out smart phones to take photos of what they like and share them with friends in the moments of Wechat.

    In order to expand urban and rural ecological spaces, the county has made full use of marginal lands to plant trees, grasses and flowers to construct pocket parks for citizens to enjoy sports and leisure. With a length of 338 meters and an area of about 1,700 square meters, this park stretches from Zhongxing Road in the east to Huyun Road in the west. For the construction of this park, much work has been done to link water systems, dredge rivers and lakes, rid dead-end rivers of barriers preventing water flowing, decorate river banks with plants, protect cultural resources and construct landscape belts along the river and around the lake. On both sides of the green ways of the park, such plants are grown as camphor trees, privets, sweet-scented osmanthuses, begonias, cherry blossoms and koelreuteria. The park now has been a natural ecological oxygen bar of the city.

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