Urban Road Network Improved in Haiyan to Improve People’s Life

  • Release date:2022-09-07  10:32
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  • Since the beginning of the year, Haiyan has sped up the improvement of the urban road network, taken getting dead-end roads open to traffic as a major way to improve urban quality and create environment for people’s convenience, vigorously upgraded urban roads, constructed 14 new roads and 15 new bridges, and transformed ten cement roads to asphalt roads to create happy life for people.

    In recent years, the county has improved transport environment to bring more convenience to the people. As a main artery of the west of the county seat, Lenggang Road has been open to traffic since the beginning of the year, with which local residents were greatly satisfied.

    This year many cement roads have been transformed into asphalt roads, for which such work has been done as improving road surfaces, sidewalks, natural environment, lighting facilities and renewing the surfaces of the buildings along roads. Till now, many roads have been upgraded as Changyou Road (Chengbei Road-Changtan Road), Xiejia Road (Chengbei Road-Zaoyuan Road), Zhongxing Road (Haifeng Road-Haixing Road), Chengxi Road (Chengbei Road-Haixing Road), Qinshan Road (Seaside Avenue-Riverside Road), Qinjian Road (Huanchengnan Road - Chengbei Road).

    In the future, the county will continue to vigorously construct new urban roads, upgrade existing roads, improve urban functions and quality and enhance road networks to facilitate people’s travel.

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